Book "WALK ABOUT" Searching For The Epic Life - A Guyanese Memoir
  • Book "WALK ABOUT" Searching For The Epic Life - A Guyanese Memoir
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Rory I. Jagdeo lost his brother Steve to COVID-19 and was inspired to write this story of leaving Guyana at almost twenty years old, boarding an airplane for the first time to Toronto, Canada. It was an unlikely journey for a man with such humble beginnings—a man whose great-grandparents were taken from India to work on a sugar plantation as indentured servants in the late 1800s. In this autobiography, he looks back at his boyhood and adolescence growing up in a village called Fyrish on the Northeastern coast of Guyana, a country on South America’s North Atlantic coast and how life changed when he went to college in Toronto. From there, he highlights his life’s challenges, pleasures, and close calls. While his life has been challenging, he has never given up. With hard work, he has followed destiny’s path and explored the pleasures of life. From his life as a musician and recording artist, to his adventures traveling, to his romantic exploits and time as a caregiver, the author celebrates his incredible life.

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